Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion & jobs.

March 26, 2018

Facts every Canadian should be aware of – This is from an Elizabeth May interview:

If we had a deep investigation of the propaganda around Kinder Morgan, we’d get more Albertans marching with us. …

The evidence from UNIFOR (Canada’s largest private sector union) that Kinder Morgan threatened Canadian jobs was rejected by the National Energy Board because the board said it wasn’t in their jurisdiction to study the jobs impact. That should have been gobsmacking news.

What it means is that there are more jobs in not building Kinder Morgan than there are in building it.

How are there more jobs if we’re not building Kinder Morgan?

The jobs in building, according to Kinder Morgan’s own evidence, is 2,500 jobs a year for two years. And then it’s 90 permanent jobs. Whereas if you build upgraders and refineries in Alberta, you have a workforce with good union wages and steady, long-term growth.